Changing Your Lifestyle for a Healthier Life


There are a lot of needs that you need to fulfill so you can have a happy and balanced life, from social, primary, emotional, financial, personal, and many others. Being an adult human is not easy, often it’s hard to choose which aspect of your life that you need to prioritize. But at the end of the day, there is nothing productive you can do if you are laying sick on bed. Paying attention to your health is an investment of a lifetime that can save you a lot of time and money that you do not have to spend on medical bills. Here are the three aspects of your life that you can change to have a healthier life.

Diet Plan

meal planYou are what you eat, is a very true saying. Do not expect to live a long and peaceful retirement if you don’t watch what you eat and put whatever you feel like eating in your stomach. Humans relationship with food is complicated because we both eat for survival and emotional reasons. If you find it hard to get a grip on what you should be in your meal, subscribing to a diet plan is an excellent idea because you do not have to think or prepare anything. Look up your options, read the reviews and find out about their new meal delivery menu for 2019 so you can have an idea on whether you will like it or not.

Active Life

musclesNot everyone can stand going to the gym every week, and that is fine because the gym is not the only place where you can sweat and be active. You can always make your home, neighborhood, or city your playground to exercise. The key is to commit and not giving up until you find the one thing that you love to do every week or incorporate into your everyday life. From taking yoga, boxing, or pilates, to joining a running club or taking the bicycle to work, there is no excuse not to live an active life.

Daily Routine

What you do every day repeatedly matters because a significant change in your life requires your commitment to not only do something once a week. There are a lot of little things that you can do, things like waking up earlier, sleeping before 12 am, and drinking a lot of water every day will make a noticeable difference in your overall health.…

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Natural Ways to Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

ways to lower cholesterol levels

Cholesterol is present in the foods that we eat. It’s essential when it comes to the production of vitamin D as well as bile for digestion. LDL or lows density lipoproteins are unhealthy because when taken in excess increase your chances of suffering from life-threatening diseases like heart disease. HDL or high-density lipoproteins have the opposite effect because they function by removing LDL from the body, thus lessening your risk of heart disease. Discussed below are natural ways to lower your cholesterol levels.

Low carb diet

low carb dietEverything starts with your diet. A study has confirmed that taking low carb diet is very useful when it comes to managing cholesterol levels. It’s not right that taking more fats will raise your cholesterol level. It is sugars that are responsible for building cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Patients with elevated cholesterol levels are put on a low carb diet to reduce their cholesterol. The only issue is that the sometimes their cholesterol levels become too small. What most people don’t know is that little cholesterol poses as much danger as high cholesterol.

Work out

It’s a no-brainer that exercise will reduce your cholesterol levels. Excercise has a load of benefits. However, it’s precisely famous for increasing HDL and lower LDL. And that is not all. Exercise will improve your mood, heart muscle function, bone strength, cognitive performance and many other factors that enhance overall wellness.

Fish oil

Fish oil is known to be good for a lot of things. While consuming it will directly impact on your cholesterol levels, it will reduce triglyceride levels and raise HDL levels in the blood. Experts recommend that you should drink about four to six grams of fish oil daily. When buying fish oil, you should look for a reputable supplier of high-end products because low-quality products have mercury, PCBs plus other toxins.


Vitamin B3 or niacin is another ideal natural way to lower cholesterol. It is present in red meat, turkey, chicken, beans, and many other foods. Niacin is exceptionally safe, and the only minimal side effect it has is a temporary flushing effect in the skin. You can sidestep this impact by buying a non-flush niacin. Studies reveal that it lowers the bad cholesterol or LDL and elevate the good cholesterol or HDL. The daily recommended dosage of niacin ranges from five hundred to five thousand milligrams.


Tea has multiple health benefits. One of them is the lowering cholesterol in the body. Green tea is precisely known to do just that. It is created from unfermented tea leaves that are rich in polyphenols which have the highest concentration of antioxidants that are known for lowering cholesterol in the body.


It’s no longer a secret that nuts are right when it comes to lowering cholesterol. Most people believe that nuts are unhealthy, but this is not true. Nuts are rich in minerals, vitamins, and high monounsaturated fats. Eating nuts like walnuts, pecan, and pistachios in moderation will help reduce cholesterol levels in your body. So eat lots of nuts to lower your cholesterols.…

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